Friday, 16 September 2016

More Elliots, more walking!

Having spent a nice weekend with Nina's Mum & Dad in Bakewell we get a surprise text from Russ & Lynne (Elliot) and do they fancy a few days in their company at Dethick?
The answer is a definite yes as its been a while since we've seen our chums and only on foreign soil in previous winters down in sunny Portugal
The weather looks great for the next three days so all is set for their arrival…

Lynne guides 'Nobby' as I now affectionately call him on to those all essential levelling ramps and the seed of doubt is planted for their eventual extraction from the sloping grass
(grip mats and dry weather triumphed easily in the end)

Oh dear…
After some al fresco catching up it soon descends in to our 'Retired Brits' preferred activity
Much hilarity and 'wetting of whistles'

Next morning after much group debate we are off walking the local area in glorious sunshine

It turns out to be a very warm day and mental notes are made by the boys of the need for regular hydration stops..

I think I'll have a cider first..

Russ and his trusted app takes us in to Matlock via a series of footpaths and side roads clearly displayed on his phone. This is a first for us as we've never walked this route before and discover several new places of interest

A longshot of Riber Castle now about to be turned in to flats

We are soon in Matlock Green and enjoying some tasty fish & chips again
No surprise there then..

A few shops for the Girlies and a walk in to nearby Matlock Bath is planned by the boys

One up, one down

The winding riverside route reveals lots of activity going on

After some light refreshment in the tourist village we are off again to Cromford to continue our circular walk taking in Masson Mill and Cromford Mill

A relic from when Britain led the world industrially

Time to walk that canal again...

Me doing Nobby

The oldest working factory in the world apparently and originally owned by the guy who had Riber Castle built

Nearing the end of a very long walk we hit panic mode as the storm clouds gather very quickly behind us, the wind increases, gets very dark and we practically run for..

This fine establishment..
We made it just as the storm passed, complete with lightning show, but strangely no rain 

Next day was recovery day with us visiting Mum on Max and a check up Xray for Nina's cough
A relaxing afternoon was spent in fine company before Lynne dished up a tasty roast dinner enjoyed with views of the setting sun

As ever our time together was really good and now look forward to our next RV who knows where but I'd hazard a guess at Portugal in the winter
Safe travels Chums….

I have to report Mick that the 'weapons grade' sherry is now alas no more..