Sunday, 4 September 2016

Keith & Chris do Dethick too

No sooner are we back from partying with those pesky Clarkes and the Elliots arrive with beer, food and lots of chatter to keep us fuelled socially for the next few days

Keith is chef outside while Chris does wonders in the main restaurant kitchen within
Keith likes talking so attracts disciplinary measures from time to time as a wayward sous-chef
The beer flows and the catch up gets in to full swing…

A lovely braised steak dish with full trimmings was eagerly scoffed and thoroughly enjoyed sat in the peaceful surrounds of our 'temporary garden'

Next day, and not too early, the foursome set out a walkin' but are soon delayed at Tansley by that pub again..

Rather nice this what….

Looking over towards Ogston reservoir 

Ray Mears stunt double...

Laborious plea for wedded bliss...

Our 'Sunshine Girls'

We never really knew what this was...

Sewage works or horse exerciser?

A rodent's paradise

We are thinking horse or possible big dog...

Prior to these welcomed goodies we had yomped up some pretty bad terrain trying to follow a very unsuitable footpath, sorry guys…

Early evening drinks after the long walk with Nina's shepherd's pie to follow..

Shaun, their son, tips up next morning and we don our boots again for what was to be a great day's walking down by the Cromford Canal

A call in at Dethick church first and the key is sought from nearby Manor Farm

An easy ID for Mears….

How disappointing this was. A favourite stop of ours is shut for the season bizarrely and soon followed by the closed tea rooms near the canal. The twist here was that we'd walked past the Jug & Glass at Lea  earlier as it had just opened, doh!

Sarnies al fresco between Crich & Cromford with a cafe on the canal to follow

Back at base safely after another long walk

Chris knocked up another beauty from the Autotrail restaurant and yet more beer and banter ensued until, way after dark and staring at the stars, the tired teddies retired for the night

Shaun departed early next day which left the 'Duddies' to walk up the lane and catch the bus to Matlock

There's a small market on and we promise this guy we'll return later after he tried to fill us up with olive samplers

The main event
Fish & Chips Matlock style…

The antique shops suck in the ladies and we amble around the many 'yesterday year' alcoves

The book of truth...

An hour before the bus is due we fall in to Wetherspoons and rest our aching feet

On our 'drive back to the house'

Next morning a joint breakfast effort puts the icing on the cake for this particular RV

The weather was excellent for the past few days and we now look forward to our next big get together in the sun of Malaga at Christmas