Saturday, 22 October 2016

Italy beckons..

The route across Austria is taken at its narrowest via Innsbuck without incident thanks to some unusual common sense on my behalf when I pulled in to a large car park midway down the steep descent from Germany. Not for a rest but to give my superheated brake discs a rest and a cool down. I've had brake fade' before and its not funny….

We hole up for two days out in the sticks next to some big lakes at Bolzano and break out the walking boots for some much needed exercise..

What a view! 

The S├╝dtirol region is stunning with a never ending run of vineyards flanked by mountains and forests

Walkers memorial?

The idea of a circular walk ended with us turning around here in the next valley, steep descents and equally steep ascents on the way back in unchartered territory seemed a bridge too far today
That common sense thing again, worrying isn't it?

We make it back to the van and Nina sets about finishing another mini project

The weather turns for the worse as we arrive at a nice two night halt at Brentino amidst the vineyards

A pleasant walk down the local cycle route next day to stretch our legs

'Sleazy' tractors?

The sun comes out as does Max and we are off to Tripadvisor's best local choice for Pizza

Followed by the all essential Tiramisu which was divine BTW