Friday, 14 October 2016

In to Baden Württemberg

We drive each day in bite size chunks and enter the state of Baden Württemberg

Two nights are spent on a pleasant stellplatze at Reutlingen but the mornings are uncomfortably cold for us and the heating is switched on many times to try and bring us up to operating temperature..

Max is deployed to take us in to the town and we spend a few hours strolling the quaint streets and numerous shops (for Nina)

This guy is oblivious to all around and concentrates his attention on wayward unsuspecting fish in one of many brooks

Max takes us to a nearby Gasthaus on our return for a mid afternoon loosener..

Next on the target map is Überlingen lying on the northern shore of Lake Konstanz
The free bus at the stellplatz drops us off right at the lakeside
That's Switzerland on tuther side..

A lakeside resort of high quality and some very nice residences. Its a calm sunny day and just what we needed after the past few chilly days 

Lakeside promenades and bars with blankets for the ladies, boat trips and fancy shops. Nina is in her element

All too much for this Deutsche pussy

Imagine having this tree in your back garden as a kid!

At least they're honest...

The drive eastwards for a long time follows the shoreline amidst so many vineyards with grapes still a hanging...

We cross the state border in to the lovely Bayern (Bavaria) and all is well with us at Nesselwang
The ski lift above the very full stellplatz is fully operational with the last of the fair weather tourists, almost all exclusively German with some childen too as we suspect its half term here…

Mittenwald next (again) and time to make ready for the leap across Austria in to Northern Italy..