Sunday, 13 March 2016

Mick, Deb & Two Fried Eggs

Our original plan was to drift back over in to Spain for a while but that all changes with a text from Mick & Deb who are touring Portugal for the first time. They have done the Gib thing and also Seville and do a surprise visit to Messines to RV with us….
But we are not there…bugger!
An en route night at Castro Verde and we are soon parked next to their impressive IH motorhome. On the outside what appears to be a van conversion but inside the 'Tardis' its roomy with a rear lounge with loads of seating for four or more

Its many years since we last saw each other and there's much catching up to be done, mostly liquid fuelled as you can guess
Mick has retired recently from the same profession as me so there are many laughs to be had and much 'fat' to be chewed…
Our work is soon forgotten and we just chillax for the next week

Two girls and a trailer
Draw your own conclusions….

In glorious sunshine we take the short hike to the traditional sunday camp RV at the local restaurant
We can't resist a game of 'spot the van' outside the nearest bar

Hot stones and loads of succulent meat form the basis of our lunchtime sojourn 

Next evening we are down at the camp fire sporting odd hats, a very stiff neck (me) and trying to bid some Dutch guys a safe journey next day

Ging Gang Goolie….

Weekly walk next day to shed a few kilos

View of the site

As ever Andre knows all the fruit and seeds that can be turned in to illicit refreshments

'Maive', one of four dogs 'at home' in Portugal with Howie & Kath

Off we trot next day, the four of us, to visit the other restaurant close by at Marreiros
A nice steady walk followed by a superb meal of Porco Preto (google picture as we were too hungry to take pictures)

Half way through the meal I ask Mick if he'd like some more bread and so summon the nice non English-speaking waitress. point to the empty bread basket and say 'Pan por favor'
Spanish I know but she's got the idea as she immediately checks with us to see if we want 'uma or dois' portions

Can you imagine the hilarity when she comes back ages later with two fried eggs?
I have to point out at this stage that the picture above is of a stunt double….
I managed to lose all the food pictures on my phone due to lots of guffawing and falling about

We decide to relocate eventually to Odeceixe on the coast and show our Chums how lovely it is here. First evening was blustery though so soon we were back to wine tasting in the vans amid more frivolity

Next day and we are off walking along the headland in superb weather

Mick brings his trusted Nikon and shows me how its really done. A few tips later and he has me sprawling in the sand fiddling with my camera settings...

I see you..

What has Mick spotted?

The local 'Nuddy' beach?

No alas, just more 'Pro shot opportunities'

Brits on Tour!

A last coffee morning..

Happy travels you two
We had a great week and look forward to meeting up in the summer
P.S. I've got summat for you Deb!!!!! Ha Ha