Sunday, 20 March 2016

Cabo Espichel

Further up the coast we head out past Sesimbra to Cabo Espichel
This is a stunning place with high cliffs, a lighthouse, a former convent church and dinosaur trails of all things…

The listed overnight location is in the panoramic car park but we decide to park just down from the lighthouse a short distance away on a fantastic isolated spot

The 'Water Works' built many moons ago to service the former convent

Totally bricked up nowadays

Next day sees the first trip out on the bikes for what seems ages and we make it as far as the very nice  Juke Cafe in Aldeia do Meco
The owner informed us he cooks the best burger in Portugal, always a good opening line that one…
True to form a while later a superb 'burger' of high quality angus beef arrived with fries and homemade dips. What a treat this was, to actually eat a good burger here is a bit of a holy grail as they are generally quite poor quality.
What I liked the most was this guy's command of the English language and the ability to deliver on his profound statement 

The circular route swung us down to the shoreline and we were soon mesmerised by the numerous 'human birds' surfing the thermals here

The beachside bar had its more original masters of flight in attendance waiting patiently for those discarded crumbs..

The weather broke that night and quite early next day we relocate back to the safety of the car park (with the other vans) as next to the lighthouse I had driven through some convincingly deep dried out ruts to park up earlier. These were now filling fast with rainwater so we made our move

Later that day the heavens clear and we go walking in search of 'dinosaurs'

And here they are, or were, many millions of years ago
Heavy guys weren't they!