Thursday, 24 March 2016


Lisbon had the last laugh on us…
In the very centre of the biggest thunderstorm we'd experienced for years I managed to get the rig well and truly stuffed up a narrow, ever inclining back street in downtown Lisbon
Don't ask me how we got there I simply thought I could slip off the sat nav route and pick up the scenic route along the coast to Cascais
How we managed to reverse round several bends with the trailer in horrendous deafening lightning and torrential rain I don't know but thanks to my courageous wife and lots of multi lingual shouting at the muppets in cars from yours truly…we managed it!

In total silence we drove to Cascais and suddenly all was rosy in the garden. What a real find this was last year for us. Simple parking at the edge of the Atlantic Ocean and we are a complete world away from stress and traffic

View from the bedroom window...

Or the short wall we ate breakfast on

I have Mick Clarke to thank for this….
A renewed interest in my big camera which will see me learning more as time goes on hopefully

Can you spot the van?

We've cycled in to Cascais along the excellent dedicated path and take a stroll around this wonderful town

The main road through town


Two locals about to be cash rich for their early morning efforts

It actually looked quite roadworthy to us...

Picking up fellas...

Back at the van its Tosta Time with these essential pre dining treats covered in sardine & shrimp pates and another night being lulled to sleep by the crashing sea just yards away...