Thursday, 8 November 2012

Lake Konstanz

Next stop was Immenstaad on the lake further round with Switzerland as the backdrop
It was quite warm here and felt like we were in the Med sat sunning at one of the numerous cafes

Nina has discovered Riesling as a credible alternative to the usual blood red wine, yes I know that sounds odd and it may actually be she's losing her mind, but its quite refreshing

Off next in to the hills at Scheidegg, still in Germany but now skirting the Austrian border with the Tirol looming in the distance
My bum clenches when I think we may get in a drama again on the hills so will have to plan ahead a bit better for the higher roads

Some of you may know what these are, to be honest I have a recollection but the image is fading fast!

The smallest church I've seen

Nina got trigger happy with the camera at this stage

Time to use a campsite me thinks so spent a couple of days next to a large lake at Lechbruch
facilities were excellent and treated ourselves to a slap up meal in the site restaurant, not served by Mrs Miggins I hasten to add!

 This was actually shandy, really it was!

The site was really quite odd as most of it was given over to long term stayers who use them in the holiday season and at weekends
Note the snow canopies and fixed extensions, all with mod cons, so different to the British way
I checked out the prices and they looked like a viable way of life for some

A walk in to the village revealed the customary church on the hill which proved a real treat on entry on a cold sunday afternoon

First time we've seen a chandelier in a church

Even the dogs here can have fun!