Sunday, 5 April 2015

Monsaraz Barragem

We cross the invisible border in to Portugal again and make camp on the terrace at Monsaraz yet again

Well, someone has to do it!

Ah Ha! We spot the village dog outside a cafe on a rare off duty moment
We get to see him later at the van begging for 'Markies' his preferred dog treat

Lunch at a different restaurant this time consisted of the usual bread/olives/sardine pate and a house salad, washed down with a jug of sangria

Next day we trundle down the access road to the small marina area next to the barragem where we stay for two very pleasant nights with Adrian & Helen as our Brit neighbours
We are soon off on the water for a mini-cruise, just the two of us (and our boatman) along to the road bridge and back in lovely sunshine 

Back at the glorified car park its getting quite busy as its Easter weekend and the locals want their fun just as much as we do
When they have all gone home we lucky few are left with tranquility, a few laughs and of course Vino Tinto...