Thursday, 16 April 2015


A ride around the local villages close to Monsaraz has us clocking up the kms and soon a pedal drama ensues on Nina's bike
The foot trap is useless and after some adjustment, and later pedal removal, she's back on the bike heading for home
New traps required though….

Tourist spotting goats..

Filling up at Luz we spot these guys setting up for a wedding behind the Aire. Very soon the top deck is full with revellers and the one van which quite rudely, in our opinion, didn't move for them is boxed in surrounded by guests 

We spend a couple of nights back at Alqueva near the huge dam and then manage to drift back down to Pomarao yet again…
Its like a magnet this place, perfect for us as its so unspoilt and out of the way
There are a few Brits still there who we have got to know on our recent visits and who we now refer to affectionately as 'The Last of the Summer Wine'
This early morning drama took 4 of us to oversee getting John's bike up the dodgy ramp on to his bike trailer (thanks Nina for this clandestine shot)
Ahh, the time just flies by….

Two nights next back at Mina De Sao Domingos (no surprise there then) in pouring rain then off to Ameixial in the hills 

Sherpa in combat mode..

Loads of these indicators but indicating what? Certainly not the easiest route through the hills

As ever the scenery is stunning and fragrances abound

They are big on Cork harvesting here and most of the locals are engaged in it someway or another

We are currently encamped on Andre's site at Messines enjoying BBQs and the usual mix of walks and cycling. The last of the rain has gone and the weather looks set to remain fine
Our well kept secret can now be revealed…
Emilja flies out in a week or so with boyfriend Richard (his surprise birthday gift to her) to see us and spend some time on the Algarve
Nina is so excited and has already tasked her with girly essentials to bring out with her...