Tuesday, 30 December 2014

Snowed in

Christmas Day arrives and we are treated to a wonderful sight as we open the binds

Monty & Cyril waiting for Christmas Lunch…

The next two days are spent with the kids mainly but Boxing Day has a surprise for us late evening as the heavens open and we are deluged with snow…
Emilja just makes it back to her brothers' in time and much chaos ensues locally as it all grinds to a halt
I walk to the end of the lane and end up doing 'parking' duties with a few cars stranded on the hill

Next morning is even nicer than of late with the world white over

The van is going nowhere for a while……

Richard, our resident farmer, is keen to get big boys toys out and get us all moving again

Easy peasy when you have one of these at your disposal
He and his brother clear the local lanes

Well thats us for a while….

The top lane which will become an ice rink in the next few days

Last nights cars are safely off the road awaiting their owners' return

Its beautiful but its cold….

We still have quite a lot to do yet in the next couple of weeks including an early MOT and mid term service for the van as its needed when we will be away. There's not a day goes by when I don't yearn for the sun and beaches of Portugal but guess when we are there shortly we will soon miss our Chums and a pint sat in front of the roaring pub fire….

Tuesday, 23 December 2014

Lead up to Christmas

With the Graduation behind us we fling ourselves head first in to the maelstrom that is Christmas shopping and preparations
Its a busy period for us as we've my Mum to visit as much as we can in between social engagements which bring us much cheer…

The 'In Laws' join us for two nights on the farm for the Graduation festivities

Richard & Katie do us proud one sunday morning up at the B & B providing us with traditional tucker
The best UK breakfast we've had for a long time…
(Nick and his 'Foreman' are exempt from consideration)

All those calories need burning off so we take immediately to the local hills and visit Scotland Nurseries up the road in Tansley

New phone, new Selfie..

These are the recent additions to David & Richards livestock 
Aka Irene & Gemini

A return trip to Pat & Jane's for more merriment ensues one tues night and we are back where we left off in the summer in France
They take delivery of their new car just after we arrive and Pat says "I'll take a look at it tomorrow", lets get off down the town" What a host!

We don't get any further than the first pub which is cosy and served great food

Silliness soon takes over as we try several brews...

Back at Chez Cathcart Pat grabs himself some tiddly girls

My beer, his book and another one ticked off
We stay the night in their spare room instead of upside down like last time in the van and its so much more comfortable…
We aim to hook up again in the New Year so my liver is in training…

Not a selfie..

Most days we have to use the van as our taxi to get about which proves to be a real pain. We just can't get parked near to towns as the christmas shoppers have filled the car parks and the UK is simply not motorhome friendly like the rest of Europe
This just galvanises our plan to return in the summer with the van then spend next Christmas in the sun of Greece or Sicily
Its cold, its windy, its wet and above all, its avoidable
Thank goodness we have really great chums that brighten our visit

For the third time in a week this lovely fire at the pub greets us and we spend a very enjoyable afternoon with Daz (Ruben) and his girlfriend Toni
Alas no photos as its the first time we've met Toni who turns out to be lovely and a perfect match for Daz. They are both 'more than interested' in touring Europe in a few years like us numpties and its great to see such enthusiasm
We really hope you realise your dream and look forward to our next RV

Technicoloured flashing 'Morley'

Our road crew in festive mood..

So we are ready now. No more shopping or stress (hopefully) and look forward to spending a traditional Christmas Eve 
The day itself will be spent with the 'kids'
Merry Christmas Everyone!

Monday, 15 December 2014

Emilja's Graduation

This last week has been quite hectic since we returned to the UK
Emilja's Graduation preparations dominate our movements and we are very pleased when we visit Mum to find her looking better than we last saw her in August, a good omen

So the day comes…..

Emilja manages to secure additional tickets for family members and we all RV at Nottingham University

When we arrive there are hoards of Graduates emerging from the graduation hall having been part of the morning ceremony

There she is, fourth from bottom

Expectant Mum & Grandma

Grandad, Dad, Brother & Stepdad….

Nina in proud mode...

Emilja & Greg

My personal favourite…

Two big screens to catch all the presentations, we had third row seats...

Graduants at the back await their turn

Expectant relatives….

Some ceremonial necessities…

And its off we go...

Greg receives his certificate

Then the big moment..

Emilja & Anna

Very, very proud Mum

Martyn up to no good...

Emilja & proud Dad

She just couldn't help herself

The real thing...

That essential document...

'Wanted Poster' subject matter...

Afterwards we all troop off for her celebration meal at the Peacock Inn in Oakerthorpe, Derbyshire
Here our qualified Social Worker shows off her gifted bracelet

And cake...

I love this one

Emilja……You have done us proud
You are a shining light and deserve the very best of life
Congratulations on this fantastic achievement!