Tuesday, 30 December 2014

Snowed in

Christmas Day arrives and we are treated to a wonderful sight as we open the binds

Monty & Cyril waiting for Christmas Lunch…

The next two days are spent with the kids mainly but Boxing Day has a surprise for us late evening as the heavens open and we are deluged with snow…
Emilja just makes it back to her brothers' in time and much chaos ensues locally as it all grinds to a halt
I walk to the end of the lane and end up doing 'parking' duties with a few cars stranded on the hill

Next morning is even nicer than of late with the world white over

The van is going nowhere for a while……

Richard, our resident farmer, is keen to get big boys toys out and get us all moving again

Easy peasy when you have one of these at your disposal
He and his brother clear the local lanes

Well thats us for a while….

The top lane which will become an ice rink in the next few days

Last nights cars are safely off the road awaiting their owners' return

Its beautiful but its cold….

We still have quite a lot to do yet in the next couple of weeks including an early MOT and mid term service for the van as its needed when we will be away. There's not a day goes by when I don't yearn for the sun and beaches of Portugal but guess when we are there shortly we will soon miss our Chums and a pint sat in front of the roaring pub fire….