Sunday, 11 January 2015

Farewell to Derbyshire

Our last week or so is spent out walking locally near the farm and last minute socialising before Le Grande Depart…

One of several walks I did on my own around Crich whilst Nina 'organised' the van..

We will miss this stunning scenery

Perhaps not the sub zero temperatures though..

Two little boys provide a welcome distraction…
Our Nephew Cameron came to stay a night with us which we enjoyed

And Baby Oliver up at the farm is simply 'edible'

A few days later on another excursion I bizarrely meet an old chum, Dave Geeson, who lives locally
He kidnaps me and takes me to his gaff for coffee then declares "right. time for the pub"

OMG. Several hours later, and when Nina had walked to meet us there, Dave leaves us with a parting gift of Vhino Tinto…
Good health Dave!

It was great to catch up with you my friend after such a long time...