Wednesday, 21 January 2015

Chez Edwards

On a very windy early January day we set off 'home' again
It was rough enough in the harbour at Dover but once away it was surprisingly OK even though Nina feared a bad crossing

The first of many panoramic shots I fear you'll see as we've invested in a new iPhone for use overseas when we can grab the all elusive WiFi
The 6 plus outdates my ancient 4 and original iPad 1 when it comes to bumming free signals so we live in hope of easier FB updates and blogging...

The route down through Northern France is as ever quite uninteresting with howling winds and daily rain

A brief weather interlude sees me back on wash boy duties in a local Laverie 

New gadget, new shot, new supermarché

Within a few days we are at Chez Edwards and prepping our livers for what's to come that evening

Sobre girls discussing flowers or whatever...

Tim approaching squiffy stage..

Quality wine from our hosts' cave

Du Vin et Du Fromage with two hunter-gatherers chewing the fat….

Sant√©….and silliness soon prevails...

Scary or what!

Yes we are "off to sunny Spain"

My personal favourite…
Having had a major operation recently Tim long since in the evening decided he was more comfortable in bed wear, the new Vogue methinks..
His dancing at 3.30am was a classic…..

Another great get together guys, take care...