Saturday, 27 June 2015


Ever nearer our crossing back to Blighty at Calais we discover a really nice aire at Mesnieres-en-Bray 
Just pulling it out of the book really with no research we enjoy a great plat du jour in the small village and decide to go biking the next day as Dieppe is not too far away

We are really lucky to have found a section of the Avenue Verte that runs past the village from Paris to Dieppe and connects with London ultimately
The Brucey Bonus is its perfect tarmac again and its a beautiful day, so why not?

Really nice area this with quaint villages resembling Devon

'Its a Chateau old boy!'

Pendo's grabbing a crafty rest so time for...

a Sarsaparilla, well its close anyway

Dieppe harbour along from the very nice marina

Just in front of the town's impressive sea front promenade

Le RNLI perhaps..

This is actually quite a nice place considering its essentially a port town

Lunch is procured at one of the many marina-side restaurants
Salad Nicoise pour moi

Very tasty jambon et fromage stuffed Galette pour mon épouse
Its not black tea BTW, its regional cider that really hit the spot!
This is much needed as on our return to the van we check the distance cycled in the day, a cool 72km, our best yet!

On arrival at the port of Calais we see the new camps set up by the increasing numbers of migrants

All too soon we are back in blighty and take a night halt at Canterbury
A chance to sample some real beer after a long absence

 Next day we do the Dartford Tunnel crossing amid the usual traffic chaos
Welcome to Britain….

A couple of nights are spent firstly visiting Emilja & Richard in Ipswich and then near Leyland in readiness to collect 'Little Willy' from Barlow Trailers

Now is the time guys to officially call us 'Travellers'
My money is on several sheep disembarking from that trailer when we get it home...