Thursday, 18 June 2015

Tim, Sue & Teddie's New

We arrive at Tim & Sue's in the rain as predicted but soon are off to a flying start as the first of several bottles are uncorked

Why Tim?

With the Wine Festival starting tomorrow it all looks grim on the sunshine front but we have our fingers crossed..

We are greeted by this cute Mutt, Teddie who soon installs himself as the feature attraction

Poppy is quite content to let her new playmate tire himself out on her all day

Top cute puppy

'give me a break will you'

Ask questions….

Tim's wine cellar is raided on numerous occasions and we can't fault the guy's hospitality 
This example went down very nicely thank you 
We visit the wine festival and buy a couple of bottles ourselves after having lunch in a nearby village then settle down to a weekend of chat and merriment..

Boys get bored soon so its time to strip down Tim's toilet cassette, because we can….

Another fine example to wash down Nina & Sue's culinary offerings which were superb

All the weekend activity leaves Teddie gone to the world, its a hard life for a much loved puppy!