Tuesday, 2 June 2015

Chateau La Payraude

After a morning seeing us visit four supermarkets to satisfy the chef's hunter-gatherer instincts for her new recipes we pull up at Chateau La Peyraude

This turns out to be a small, very friendly Domaine beautifully situated in the vineyards 50km from Bordeaux

The roses as ever are the Vignobler's early warning system of potential problems with the vines. The theory goes that all things fungal and insect like will attack the roses before starting on the precious vines

That will do nicely
The idea here is you can stay on site as you wish at no charge. The polite thing to do is go have a Degustation of the guy's various wines (always swallow, never spit it out. The French expect the Brits to be insensitive to their delicate wines anyway)
Then buy some!

After slating the condition of the Voie Verte the other day we now discover this baby leading all the way to Bordeaux
Surely the best cycle track we've ever ridden

Pendleton is just a dot in the distance….

For a girl who can't turn the bike round in tight circles this is real hardcore Nina!

Very thirsty work

The countryside here is beautiful and tranquil, vineyards in all directions…

We make it back to the van after some 'off piste' excursions up unwanted hills
55km today which was pretty good going