Sunday, 14 June 2015

Perigueux & Brantôme

Time to move on and visit Perigueux and we enter the Aire centrally located to find we are overlooked by a 9 storey block of flats, real sexy...

It proved to be a wise move as overnight it was really quiet and a good place to relax in the evening by the van while it cooled down

The Cathedral dominating the north bank of the Isle river

We strolled the town for several hours giving Nina some retail therapy then wandered home...

Next day we make the short trip to Brantôme and really enjoy our walk and long country ride around the town

Chocolate box scenery and so pretty

Our new thirst quenching drink, this time in grenadine & framboise flavours

No change here since we visited on the big Honda back in 2002

Its been forecasted for a while and here it comes…
The evening sun gives way to storm clouds and an expected 5 days of thunderstorms. Right on cue for visiting chums Tim & Sue near Limoges
When it rains it will be a welcome relief to the heat of late….