Saturday, 13 June 2015

Bergerac & Villamblard

Moving slowly northwards in some really great sunshine we spend a night next to the Dordogne river at Sainte Foy La Grande

From the bridge we look down in to the mass of flowering river fauna 

Its a very hot day and we have to wait until late evening to eat one of Nina's new productions, avocado, prawn and mango salad...

Next day we locate to a super Aire 5km from Bergerac at Lembras and stay for 2 nights as its just too hot to risk not being able to sit outside the van in the shade

Stupidity soon kicks in and we are off on the bikes in to Bergerac for our lunch next day

Early McLaren buggy...

Our chosen restaurant location where we sat between two big fans so as not to overheat

The guy with the big snorker...

A big ride out from Lembras one morning in to the hills north of Bergerac sees us discovering a real gem of a campsite at Villamblard. So we relocate here next morning for a really nice weekend and have the site to ourselves

The site is quite simple but has a superb pool as its feature attraction and proves just the tonic after we try to kill ourselves again in the heat and the local hills on the bikes
Steady rides of 45km are fine on the flat but its not that here and there are some demanding hills to be conquered. To boot its 30 degs plus every day and soon we are quite done in..

No worries for these cute ones..

Possibly the grandest house we see that day on our ride

Like the campsite, this public pool has no visitors as its not the main season yet

The halfway town of Saint Astier also has a gem at its heart..
A great Pizza house for weary bikers to have their lunch

These are part of Villamblard's history. The village's distillery makes, amongst the stronger stuff, these syrups that are just great when mixed sparingly with ice cold Perrier water

The sun goes down and so does a few verres du vin rouges

We finally get to light our Phoenix camp torch given to us very kindly by a German neighbour in Cascais, Portugal
A moment's silence please for the huge moth that, after many attempts, incinerated itself in the flame
Its better to burn out than fade away……...