Monday, 1 June 2015

Atlantic Pyrenees

Its beautiful weather as we take in the last of Spain on our way to the hills, or should I say mountains, of the Pyrenees

A perfect spot for our lunch

It was at this point I worried about the handbrake

Back at the van there's a loud rumbling noise coming up the valley road

Part of the Spanish Army are out on manoeuvres

Nice lunchtime entertainment….

Is this how its done in the bullrings?
To inspect the underside of the van on a dusty road you need to wear an old jacket in 30 degs of heat and lay on a very dusty blanket
Only the Brits….

The Pyrenees loom large in the distance

The Spanish side of the Somport Tunnel, 8.6km long

Narrow mountain roads greet us in France and the customary roadworks
Note the sensible countdown amber to try and stop the red light jumpers…

We take a huge left back up the French side of the border ridge of mountains and locate a stunning Aire high up in the thin air

What a life these guys have..

Nina is 21 again and we spend the day walking up the picturesque valley to the farthest hut at tracks end
To be fair you could actually climb the steep path over the ridge but those days are long gone…

Happy cows

Tetanus is waiting patiently...

Time to cool off..

That shack..

Beyond is Spain

This was well worth the uphill hike, makes you glad to be alive...

Looking down the valley past the Aire on our return

This Aire at Lhers was superb, not only because of its location but also its facilities, WiFi, hot showers, electricity if you wanted it and wine for sale should you have missed the Intermarche in the valley below. All for €8.00….bargain!