Thursday, 18 June 2015

Monet's Garden

A new week starts and we move ever northwards towards Blighty taking in a lovely Aire at St Denis Du Ponts and a sunny 50km ride, on the level for a change

Nina's been on about this for a while, a trip to Claude Monet's Garden so we head off in search of all things pretty

Guys look away as there now follows lots of girlie shots of this beautiful location...

We seemed to be swamped with visitors but to be honest the slow walk round the gardens due to congestion only made us appreciate the natural beauty more

My personal flower...

The Guy's work is on display in a very atmospheric gallery room

View of his 'back garden'

Before his death he suffered with severe cataracts and could barely distinguish between colours so painted many of his later works from colour memory relying on what was printed on the tubes of paint

The Lily ponds are home to this little fella and the frogs

This was a really nice day topped off by being able to park up quietly overnight with other vans close to the gardens