Tuesday, 2 June 2015


Its hard to pull ourselves away from the mountains but we need to make progress if we are to RV with Tim & Sue on time at the Sauviat Wine Festival

North of Pau lies Labastide d'Armagnac set deep in the countryside and perfect for our eventual 3 nights' stay on the village Aire

That evening Nina discovers the restaurant that will host her birthday meal, a day or two late granted, but her best shot given we've been in the hills

Just the ticket this as we settle down to some French cuisine

Her personal favourite, caramelised apple crepe flambéed in Armagnac

Looking back across the square next day

A few of the boutique shops are open selling the local favourite at unearthly prices and we gave it a wide berth, mainly due to us having two bottles of Macieira brandy in the van from Portugal
We did have two chasers with our meal last night at the hidden cost of €12.00, enough to buy the whole bottle of Macieira in its native country!

A really nice quiet place this, devoid of hoards of tourists...

The next two days are spent burning up those calories on the local Voie Verte which was rather overgrown and looking neglected in places

We spotted hundreds of these guys destined to end up as Foie Gras
That said, they were free to roam in a huge field and were healthy

One of many former rail stations along the route

Say that again, I'm all ears...

We met only two cyclists over both days and we covered around 80km locally, the routes are well sign-posted but very much underused and are overgrown

We take proper note of this on our departure and head for the Intermarche to stock up on drinking water...