Saturday, 1 November 2014

Concorde Factory

As some form of annual ritual we find ourselves at the stellplatz attached to the Concorde Reisemobile factory in Schlüsselfeld for a few days
Its not long after we arrive that we take to the showroom a few metres away and indulge ourselves in a slightly different world

After two years on the road and meeting other vanners and their pride and joys' we are quite stuck on the idea that should it ever happen that we buy another van it could only be one of these beauties

The quality throughout the range is first class especially in this, our favourite model, the Charisma 900M

Nina's oohs and aahs when she opens the huge drawers (potentially reserved for all things Girly) become repetitive and I'm lost for words

There are so many fundamental differences here to most motorhomes on the market including ours
You can judge the bling and quality finishing by the photos but its the more practical things that do it for us:
350L fresh water tank
Gel batteries
Porcelain WC (with holding tank and no cassette)
Double floor construction with huge storage space between floors
Massive (almost walk-in) garage
All these and many more….

Happy bunny….

To further complicate things on the end of a row of their various models usually lies the 'Liner', a monster of a van with usually a Smart car hanging out its rear end for bling value….
How wrong, instead a new model, the Centurion, is on display. Here is the rear bedroom...

This beast has a 'slide-out' section more common on big American RVs
Motorhomewise, the lounge is simply enormous and top quality too..

Checkout the total price detailed..

Boom! and the dream is complete..

Back on Planet near Reality we go back to our favourite model, the Charisma

This baby is our realistic dream 'Van' should you ever ask us the question
Its a bus really but we don't care how big it is

OMG, he's bust it!
(Perhaps the nearest I'll get to driving one)

Having parked up for a few days on the stellplatz with the bonus of free WiFi we have the dread that 'our van' is taking it all in and will duly drop the gearbox come start up time on our departure day
All by way of retaliation for lusting after other models….
We have our fingers crossed….