Thursday, 13 November 2014


Moving northwards slowly we enter the former DDR and head for Erfurt
Having parked on one of several P & Rs available we set off in to the city on the tram which when leaving the Parkplatz circles the van slowly as part of the route. This gets us thinking it will be noisy later but the night actually was quite calm, the trams stopping before midnight

Looking back from the 'Domplatz'

The 'Rathaus and Fischmarkt'

Inside Erfurt Cathedral and yet again the enormity of it all blows you away

The 'Wise and foolish virgins'

On the Domplatz with the Cathedral and St Severus church alongside

Just to show its not all immaculate here in Germany

There does seem to be more of this crap though in the former DDR (GDR in english) we've noticed
(how I'd like to catch someone doing it!)

Biggest yet!


The route to the toilets was plagued with 'adverts'

Another emporium….

Hogging the bar...

I get an earful here as Nina has not packed the brollies on my advice and so down it comes

Our meanderings 'over the border' take us to Ilmenau, Bad Salzungen, Bebra and Homberg where we enjoy several chilly cycle rides

This was our one and only 'Asia Bamboo' experience with a mixed up meal involving the starter coming after the main event
Very odd too for me as the Chef on leaving tried his best to correct my German pronunciation
Our first experience of talking German with an Oriental... 

Forest Radweg