Sunday, 30 November 2014

De Heurne

Over the border now and in to the Netherlands
Some final essential shopping at Bocholt in Germany and we then cross to De Heurne

The weather forecast is for dry fine weather and all looks well for a three night stay at the excellent De Haar stellplatz

Brave souls would chance it but the van and winter grass don't mix as we've found out on several occasions to our cost

So we elect for the hardstanding right next to the service point
(also handy for the two resident dogs that like to be fed our emergency dog biscuits from the window)
Note from editor..I feel I need to point out the biscuits are a food supply for ragged Portuguese dogs not  us!

Those pooches…and a ball thrower...

Nice Pussy...

These guys are all the rage here

Size comparison chart..

Our new friend Rob

No rain and well, Holland, means the bikes are off and I have to say its damned cold riding but has to be done..
The local market in Dinxperlo

Tasty Christmas presents for the birdlife

I'd like to say this was a tasty treat for us turkeys but alas no..
It all looked really appetising, smelling vaguely of fish and chips bit thats where the similarity ended
Luke warm fried fish on white bread smothered in seafood cocktail 
Nina had huge battered scampi tails or so she thought..
Actually shaped crabsticks to fool the tourists….

Dinxperlo where the housing is split by the German/Dutch border along the Heelweg street. Quite bizarre to see as the road is Dutch but the pavement and houses the other side are German with different streetlights

Remnants of the former border control

So, soon after taking to two wheels we find ourselves back in Germany

Nina's face lights up as we come across another christmas market

Had to be done….

Very different to the hustle of Münster but guess it will pick up later in the day

Beat this for an advent calendar…

On our return Pendleton risks a fine as she's riding like the wind...

Not fast enough for the Nederlandse Spoorwegen which thundered one of its trains across her path

Sleepless nights no doubt at this house...