Friday, 7 November 2014


We travel the short distance along the Main river to Kitzingen and arrive late afternoon then take a wander over the bridge from the river view stellplatz

We found the town a little disappointing really so came back over the bridge to enjoy some autumn sunshine and a round of Dunkles beer

Nina and her tree shots

We stay near to Kitzingen but select a stellplatz over the water in the next village and stay for a couple of days as its so nice next to the river

This remind us so much of the Danube and its huge barges

Our nearest neighbour decided at some stage he would live in a lorry and view life from his mobile patio doors…
Can't fault the guy for ingenuity

Out on the bikes we spot this number lurking amid the trees on another stellplatz
Nina moves me on like I had been caught eyeing up another woman!

Part of the cycle path being renovated

If it looks good you can bet it tastes good too!

Several small wine producing villages litter our route

We've never really paid too much attention to German wines in the past but the dry whites we've sampled here have been quite good
Buying direct from the growers is the best bet as its a fraction of the price charged in the Gasthauses

As darkness decends and we are a long way from the van we give in to temptation and sample this traditional German dessert, kaiserschmarrn
Pancake really but messed up and served with Preiselbeeren (Cranberries)