Monday, 24 November 2014

Pott's Brau & Backhaus

After a 3 month wait we get to go to one of our favourite places..

Its a wonder I don't resemble the pink guy in the middle with all this German beer drinking...

The 'Holy Grail' by twilight

With the van overnighting on the purpose built stellplatz behind the bottling plant we head indoors

First up their most popular nectar, namely Potts Landbier

Nina goes for Prinzipal next and I the same only larger!

To absorb the Weissbier that followed we sampled two dishes from their superb kitchens, Pork Haxe and a ground beef steak, delish!

This guy was all on keeping his calm, master at the bar and eyes firmly fixed on the sausage counter
The staff gave him titbits which was nice..

Last year's blog entry for this place sort of covers it all but couldn't resist a few shots backstage..

Next day we take a walk in to the local town of Oelde

Nothing too dramatic here but it gave Nina a chance to gather some goodies for the looming christmas period..

As with so many other towns and cities a lot of the former residents are honoured in the pavements
These Jewish guys were carted off early doors for deportation, we can only hope it wasn't to forced labour or the like..