Sunday, 25 May 2014

St Antonin Noble Val

We make steady progress in to France and go north skirting Toulouse and up in to the Tarn et Garonne department. Very winding conditions mean I take it steady and the highlight of the day was watching the bike cover being ripped to bits by the wind whilst shopping in the Intermarché

Thankfully next day the sun and heat return and we arrive in St Antonin Noble Val

This is a beautiful small town sat on the L'aveyron river where time just slips by

Like a Peugeot only better made….

Film buffs may recall this as the backdrop to Charlotte Gray
Many citizens of the town were able to take part as extras with some getting quite emotional seeing the German tanks crossing this bridge for a second time

The view from the lunching terrace over the river

That restaurant..

That terrace...

Nina getting arty

this one too..

Our newest friend Lizabeth

Light through the stained glass of the church

France in a nutshell

Spot the tourist...