Saturday, 31 May 2014

Time out for Mum

There's a lot gone on this week and I will post photos and blog when the time is right

We are now in the UK after spending 3 nights with some great friends Tim & Sue in Limousin. This is where the van is currently in their care and we are lodged with in my Mum's home town of Mansfield in the UK after flying back from Limoges on Tuesday

We went straight from the airport to see my Mum in her new room at Mansfield Manor Care Home where she has been contented and well loved by the staff for the past few months

It was a great shock to be told she was in Emergency Assessment at the local hospital so we shot off up there. 

She is now back at the Care Home on 'End of Life' Palliative Care as the consultants at the hospital say there is nothing more they can now do for her. She has several major internal issues bless her which will not get better. She is really comfortable at the home and well cared for by all. This is making it easier for her family to bear as she is not suffering

For obvious reasons the blog will be suspended whilst we spend every day with Mum and try to get some quality time with her

I would like to say at this early stage that we are extremely grateful for the support we have had so far from our friends, new and old, and our children