Thursday, 15 May 2014

Trujillo, Toledo & Alcariz

We can't resist a return visit to Monsaraz on our way north from the Algarve and that restaurant again with superb views
We are due at Tim & Sue's near Limoges in a couple of weeks so decide on a few days direct cruising via Madrid and the north eastern coast of Spain
Motorhome stopovers are very few and far between as they are concentrated on Spain's two coastlines, not the barren industrialised interior which countryside resembles so many Westerns I saw as a kid

Just part of a sea of solar panels near the Portuguese border over in Spain

Quite barren but there is beauty in simple vast terrain...

Plaza Mayor in Trujillo

As ever its a hike up the narrow streets to the top of the town

Later that day we arrive in Toledo complete with Graffiti Art

Again its a hike straight uphill from the stopover but later in the evening when the heat was down a little

Cured meats are what Spain is all about, along with Rioja, Oranges and Tourists of course!

Bit Hammy but had to take it…...

We expected lots of Tapas bars like Salamanca but were disappointed to be honest

A late start next day because we had a late night and the day is lost to the long haul journey through to Zaragoza and our less than sexy overnight stop

Beat this for glamorous…..
We arrived late afternoon and learned more about truck couplings than you could shake a stick at..

All is well next day as we discover Alcariz and a very nice tapas bar where lunch is essential 

Yes, the town is vertical as ever and we are pooped when we reach the top..

The grand castle thingy is actually a swish hotel

Our stork friends on loan from Silves...

If you are looking guys I resisted honest!

Nina's shot from the bypass….