Sunday, 11 May 2014

Back on the run...

I'm pleased to announce we are safely back on the road again….
All smiles from the staff at the garage at Faro, particularly when I handed them my credit card. Being English we looked for the good points in all this and came away feeling happier. The staff were very friendly, could actually speak my language, and wished us well on our travels….
learning points (for next time) were:
  • If a part is ordered insist on Express delivery
  • Authorise fitting the expensive part right from the start and not trade emails
  • Pack more clothes for the hotel than you think you need
  • Appreciate only the UK, Germany and a few others get you moving in just a few days…
We now have a turbo with an alleged 2 year guarantee. The PS to all this rambling is you would seriously not believe the drama stories we've been told since from other vanners experiencing a whole range of engine troubles. I guess it was just our turn….

Just before our departure to the Ibis hotel for the last few days
Bin men at work at 3.00 am each morning seen from our room

Last chance for a cool off

Harbourside in Faro and these little mites are all equipped with sun hats

Nice place to roam and enjoy if you are 'straight off the plane' but beware, the prices although still cheap are twice what the rest of Portugal is

Nina says 'if only all shopping centres were like this one in Faro'

Out in the hills again and we revisit Alcoutim, because we can and we are out of ideas now

Hertz and my Breakdown Insurance Co were great but I would have liked a 1.4 white diesel not a 1.2 petrol black car…but we made it

With the van fixed we head off back to Silves to do some valuable washing before our slow trip up through Spain to Tim & Sue's near Limoges

Breakfast before the 'broil' begins

We met this pair of 'Notts dwellers' on site who spoke the same lingo as us and reminded us of home
Pat & Trev were great fun and we really enjoyed their company

MY NAME'S BARRY SCOTT…..(Cillit bang)

Nina's purchase of Bonio treats pays off finally in Monsaraz next morning after the previous evening spent in our favourite restaurante

How relaxed am I now!
I've let Wifey drive...