Monday, 24 February 2014

Away at last….

There's no right time at the moment to recommence our travels but feel unless we go now we will never  go. This is based on Mum improving dramatically after some intensive tests and drug balancing on the doctor's part. She is in good hands with 24 hour care and we will return late May to visit her hopefully fully recovered from her recent setbacks and established in her choice of residence
She has given us her blessing as ever and will keep in regular touch

More goodbye get togethers entail with memorable nights followed by an impromptu evening spent with chums Paul & Nick in Burton Joyce which I thoroughly enjoyed
Parking overnight at the rear of the pub was a real logistical bonus for us which will surely be repeated..

A familiar sight for us which means we are 'going home'

Clearest day for ages

Smiles all round

Windswept selfie

1st night's stopover north of Rouen and all is well
Cost here was ZERO for a country view and free electric which was a real Brucie Bonus
When will the UK actually engage with this idea and build 'Aires' & 'Stellplatze" like the continent to promote tourism. The answer sadly is never as, if you are British, you will know why this will never happen
This must be the last time I moan about this but there is a ray of hope…
We spent the last night in the UK at Canterbury Park & Ride, sounds sexy doesn't it?
Seriously though it is great for us as Dover is just 20 miles away, the cost overnight is £3.00 with water facilities and quiet, and the regular buses in to Canterbury are free. Well done guys, please try to spread the word to other UK tourist spots!

Nina couldn't resist buying this quite pleasant example of French warmth. At €2.89 we cracked our recent tee totalism for 1st night's 'topping out' ceremony. Well, its traditional!

Next day en route for Le Mans we are hit by a stone thrown up from the car in front and think nothing of it as we are hit regularly and they just bounce off the screen
Not this time...

A four inch outer crack soon develops which makes our hearts sink as we drive along
Always a drama with us….

An eagle eyed Nina spots a Carglass outlet in downtown Le Mans amongst a million other buildings on this immense industrial estate. After checking what time it opens next day we park here for the night and try to ignore the view as we are only pleased we found a possible solution so soon

Several runaround phone calls to our UK insurers reveal that a new screen is required and its not simply a repair job
These are the times you are glad the van has a Ducato base and the screens are held in stock locally and in numbers as they are really common
So in goes the van later that afternoon for surgery
As I blog I am waiting to return and pay the guys the equivalent of £720.00 to claim back later (minus excess) from the insurers
Incidentally we were quoted to have it done by the same UK company via the Insurers again but this time for the job to be done in the UK by Autoglass. This would have been a whopping £1100.00!
Explain please someone……
I do hope tomorrow is a normal day


  1. I love reading this blog, Monsieur et Madame Hudson. Very witty, Pete. Lots of Fireman humor. Loving the windswept selfie, Nina. Glad you are both happy. Hope the lovely Edith gets well soon. Since placing the blog on my husband's desktop he has become an almost daily visitor to catch up with your news : ) Methinks he need to get out more! Love you both. Bonnes Vacances xxxx

  2. Good luck on your latest adventures. Jane & I off to the wilds of Lincolnshire tomorrow. Will keep you posted!. Keep safe & hopefully no more problems with the van.
    Take care Pat & Jane xx