Tuesday, 4 February 2014

Lincoln weekend with Keith & Chris

In between the seemingly endless trips to the dealer and other businesses we find time to spend a weekend in rain soaked Lincolnshire
We stayed at Fiskerton just outside the city parked up with Keith & Chris who had joined us at Wessington last summer
Keith still works for my old employer, NFRS and together with Chris yearn for retired times when they can please themselves. 

A soaked CL but with hard standing provided the venue for a very enjoyable couple of days together

It took ages to get us in to this position fearing not only carving up the guys grass but more importantly getting stuck!

Your words mate not mine you will recall

After a superb curry the night before, prepped and delivered by our hosts and washed down with rather too much vino tinto, we head off next day on foot bound for Lincoln

A 5 mile leisurely jaunt is filled with much chat, bird watching and me wincing every now and again with the now daily back pain grief
(a later visit to the Docs brings forth new tablets and a gradual recovery)

Nina looks for shops whilst Keith, and I suspect Chris, sniff out other emporiums...

Found one!

Nice cathedral!

Reminders of last weekend…
After watching England narrowly beaten by the French in Witherspoons we head for dinner and more refreshment

A rip off taxi back to base is soon forgotten as we tuck in to yet more tinto
and cheeses before, knackered, we settle in for the night

Bright and breezy next morning and Nina is cooking more than just breakfast!

Mugshots prior to departure…
Thanks for a great weekend you two, see you soon...

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  1. Thanks for the weekend and the chance to catch up. Enjoy your next escapade and get some sun on that back of yours. Keep up the blog, people need the regular fix.