Sunday, 3 April 2016


We trundle up to Porto and settle in at the Parque Biologico de Gaia which is spoiling us a little as it has a dedicated security controlled Aire with electric and perfect for both visiting the park and the city of Porto

Overlooking the deer park and behind two sets of locked gates….comfy

Entry to the park is free and we are under pressure to see all the 'wildlife' showcased here in the time left that first day

Terrapins just relaxing really...

Not keen on birds of prey in enclosures but to be fair these guys had a fairly large one enabling flight, albeit briefly

Nina and the 'One arm Bandit' hit Porto

We walked over the Ponte Luiz bridge not realising there was a lower level too

The South bank of the Douro river is where the Port houses are located (facing north) so that the temperatures within can be kept constant and avoid the intense summer sunshine

An apartment here would do nicely sir...

What appears to be the 'classic' Porto shot

The 45m high Ponte Luiz bridge dominates the scenery and IMHO is a work of engineering art

Long distance view of our intended tour of all thing port-like

I remember being stuck in this exact spot a few years ago in the van amidst much agitation from my human sat nav companion. We gave Porto up that day as a bad job but we are here now and there's no driving involved as we came in on the bus (Fozz is mothballed at the mo due to a certain Muppet only having the use of one arm remember…)

We are booked on the next tour in a while so would we like some white port on the terrace?
You bet baby!

Bizarrely the pets here include a peacock

The tour is very dimly lit but we get the picture, 43,800 litres in this Vat to be precise

Oh to be left alone with my plastic carry home bottles..
(I'll show you some Industrial strength Port Mick!)

The €5.00 pp tour included three glasses of port each, now that's a bargain

View across the Douro

We liked Porto so much more than Lisbon as it seemed more friendly and there were loads of backstreet cafes and quaint bars
Nina also found a haberdashery where she bought a small mountain of cross-stitch threads to further feed her new found hobby addiction (cheers Deb)

A last look at that bridge as we head back to the menagerie on the bus

Porto is a good size to visit and not too spread out needing large trips across the city to see the touristy things. Its a lovely place just to wander freely and enjoy the atmosphere particularly riverside