Monday, 10 February 2014

Monsal Trail

After seeing family for what we thought was the last time before departing overseas again at the weekend we visit my Mum as usual in hospital. This was to make sure she was making good progress towards leaving after her recent setbacks with acquired infections.
Poor Mum, she now has yet another infection and is struggling. She originally went in hospital back in November for what turned out to be a successful hip revision
This means that the delayed trip back to the Continent will be delayed well, indefinitely, as we simply can't leave her in this state
So we will chill as best we can here in Derbyshire whilst visiting her and take mini breaks in the van to go walking. The weather has been very kind to us although the rain seems relentless at times

The view from the van parked near Buxton on Topley Head Farm CL
Always the case on departure day that the sun shines through the gloom…..

A different story the day before as we decide to brave the elements and go walking down to Monsal Trail
Nina (my packhorse for the day) is shown sporting my usual rucksack and a large brolly as rather graciously she decided to help my ailing back and lug the essentials on her own

Nice to get out walking again, albeit slowly

We love this trail as its pan flat and a steady 8.5 miles to Bakewell (where we were married incidentally) 

Formerly part of the Midland Railway line running through to Manchester this section was closed in 1968 by Barbara Castle, the Transport Minister of the time

The Peak District National Park took over the line in the early eighties and turned it in to a superb trail for both walkers and cyclists alike

This abseiling point on a high bridge above the Wye river is very popular with schoolchildren and leisure groups

One of several audio guides along the route

We only managed a short section of the trail this time as we wanted to:
1. Limit the grief on my back
2. Visit the pub we'd passed earlier!

On arrival at the Anglers Rest near Millers Dale we encountered these strange folks rehearsing some Pagan dance outside

Which took me back just under 2 years to these 'Pagans' who joined me on my 'Retirement walking trip', pictured in superb weather on the Anglers wall
Tell me boys, how is work these days?

If you've never visited the Peak District, then come. You are in for a real treat
Superb walking or cycling on many trails that were once industrial railway lines piercing beautiful uncrowded countryside. 
The High Peak Trail and Tissington Trail are among our favourites nowadays as they are so much easier to walk than our hikes for many years up on Kinder and the surrounding wild areas
We love it in winter here as its quiet and rugged. You'll always find a classic country pub not far away with a log fire to greet you after a long hard day on the hills or in the valleys