Thursday, 16 July 2015

Hank & Blisters

On a fine friday morning fellow retiree Hank turns up with his walking boots and off we go to burn leather on the footpaths around Dethick

Armed with sandwiches we spend the next few hours engrossed in conversation and catch up on the events of the year since we last met

Some obligatory flower shots...

This pooch spends his days by the canal watching the ducks

Just mention 'moobs' once more Hank..

The canal to Cromford, or more precisely a very nice pub we had to try in the village

We decide to hit the hilltops in the direction of 'The Tavern at Tansley', taking in the view of Matlock Bath

All because this gaff was shut on a friday lunchtime in summer…bizarre!

I just have to take my boots off at the pub and inspect my 'plates of meat'
New thick walking socks have done their worst and I'm hobbling around with six blisters. What joy then when I realise its still two miles back to the van, and uphill too

A great day out Hank, nonetheless...