Sunday, 5 April 2015

El Rocio & Cumbres Mayores

Although El Rocio, our next destination, is only just over 40km away as the crow flies it takes 200km to get there. Its the other side of a huge National Park so we have to circumnavigate it via Seville as there are no connecting roads

When we arrived it was blisteringly hot and matched the scene before us perfectly
No tarmac roads here, the whole village centre is given over to dusty sand and horses are the order of the day

Spagetti Western layout with bars where the tables are raised to meet the height of your horse

You would love it here Keith, more birds than you can point binoculars at!

As there's no shade the van is ready for the Air Con when we return…

We push on northwards again but following the border on the Spanish side
We end up in Cumbres Mayores with an excellent Aire atop a small hill
A walk in to the village revealed a huge castle containing a football pitch apparently but alas closed today

Opposite the Aire is a helipad, thankfully not used during our stay...

Warnings for those choppers me thinks..

Its not long before we realise we are in the middle of an animal menagerie

You name it, it passes here at least once per day

Just a few metres from the van we are eyed up by the local populous

As ever Nina finds fascination with Ant behaviour and gets them performing strength tests with discarded peanuts

Look at this cute fella..

"Take me home in your van please"

That wandering horse again..