Sunday, 29 March 2015

A Fishy Weekend

Having exhausted ourselves in Seville we move down to the Spanish coast once again at Sanlucar da Barrameda
We instantly hook up with ex Army guys Jean & Barry from Southampton who regale us over the next few days with stories from the Forces and the time they spent serving our Country

A BBQ is suggested for the following day as they know where to find the local fish market in Sanlucar
A short bus ride away and we are in the thick of it, surrounded by all things fishy and what can only be described as 'shopper bedlam'

To be honest Nina and I have always shied away from the slippery creatures, preferring to eat fish only after its been extensively manicured for the table or the pot
Our fish prepping expertise amounts to zippo

So many different types of fish here we really didn't have a clue but Barry & Jean (past masters) showed us the way and we made a few brave choices for our debut fish BBQ

Tiger prawns we guess...

A stroll round a few shops and a few 'looseners' in a couple of seaside bars and we run to catch the bus home

Back at base camp Head Numpty is making out he's got it sussed and begins to roast some prawns as a starter

Success! How easy is this?

Dorada, which to be honest I thought would never cook and leave us all in the local Hospidada with food poisoning
How wrong I was, it cooked beautifully and I even managed to present said fish without spines for our new chums to devour
(I have to point out here Barry watched me like a hawk as I really had no idea)

Sea Bass apparently but we were not too sure afterwards 

Python-style its all topped off with a fried egg and some of Jean's home made chips cooked in beef dripping
Absolutely spot on!

The evening descended in to an alcohol fuelled soiree which left the menfolk with very sore heads the next day
After sobering up we broke out the bikes and did a nice 44km ride down to Rota where we sat drinking coke in the very warm sunshine at the Marina and had, guess what, a little Tapas….

Purple carpet laid out for us bikers

Just 100m away from the site we watch the sun go down, tired teddies..