Thursday, 19 March 2015

RV with Keith & Chris

The weather is excellent so we head off northwards again but just as far as Camperstopmessines
Having discovered this little gem of a site last year we were keen to return soon this trip
Andre the co-host can't do enough for his guests and we are surrounded by his fellow country mates from Holland who make us welcome.

One of two BBQ nights sees us pushing the €15.00 Continente bucket to its limit (and my patience at times)

When the sun goes down its a cosy place to huddle together and sup our collective way through 2 bottles of Jagermeister with our dutch neighbour Aad
The hangover lasted 2 full days…..

We spend 6 nights here in peaceful harmony as its 4km from Messines out in the wilds pulling in a group walk, a 55km ride to Silves and a group sunday lunch at a nearby village
This was the local 'Goat' dish which was superb..

These guys are Hans and Chou (probably spelled incorrectly, sorry) who invited us over to their table
We spent the rest of the afternoon with them back at the site and we really enjoyed their company and slant on life…

A couple of days later and we are in the company of Keith & Chris who have flown out for a week to Alvor and we frantically catch up on the Goss sat in our van on what can only be described as a tank training ground. I say this because the rain had arrived (none for the previous 6 weeks!) and the site at Alvor was just shocking with the mud

Despite the rain we are soon off on our refreshment adventure around the local bars..


The sun come out and all is not lost, only the tourists...

Some job..

Keith directs us down several of the well laid out boardwalks that dominate the beach area

We agree to meet up next day as they are suckers for our motorhome babbling and we set off to Portimao for a nice long walk

Here's Ray Mears prior to departure..

and his long suffering wife Chris LOL

This was the view from our first coffee stop of the day

Keith had told us of a 'Killer foxlike dog' that stalked the area near their hotel
This was it 'in action'

Nuff said

First oasis was shut

Clouds that were brought here by 'the Brits' I swear


Portimao in the distance

Caterpillar residence that can cause havoc to dogs that get too close. They get respiratory problems we are told

Hi Hank...

A day late but happy St Patrick's Day!

A short taxi ride back to Alvor and the hungry trekkers seek out an evening meal….and more beer

We settle for Vino Tinto instead 

and a full on steak meal in one of the numerous restaurants on the main street

Because we can, we sink a few more beers later in yet another emporium and very late in the day return to our respective dwellings…Keith & Chris's a luxurious hotel nearby and us our trusted van sank firmly in the mud of the local Aire..

We had a really great two days with you guys and look forward to hooking up again on our return in the summer.
Bon Vacances!