Sunday, 29 March 2015

Seville Take Two

Knowing that the weather will take a few days to return to normal and we would like to go visit Seville again, we head for the hills to while away a few days at some favourite haunts

We discover Ameixial seemingly miles from nowhere and a very pleasant Aire where we stay for a few days
The bonus here was as ever its free, nicely out of the little village, and there is even free electricity for you to use too

Out on a solo walk I come a little too close for comfort to these guys but escape unscathed

Thankfully not going to market….

Beat this for tranquility

These tiny Iris's are in abundance at the moment

A couple of nights back up at Mina de Sao Domingos and Pomarao sees us set for a week of great weather and a welcome return to Seville

I take the opportunity to go get the brakes pads replaced all round on the van at the main Fiat dealership  in Seville. Within 24 hrs of first contacting the garage we are done and dusted and heading for the less than glamourous, but very handy, Aire

Those oranges again..

Come in No 618, your time is up!

West Ham supporters look away...

These guys don't take no for an answer when they attend your table selling 'genuine' Rolex watches and shades. Encouraged no doubt by these wealthy Spanish businessmen

Inevitably we drift from one Tapas bar to another which suits our leisurely pace quite well today

Apparently Seville has one of the highest unemployment rates in Spain so hats off to these guys who make a few Euros busking around the local bars  

Bully for you...

A local speciality, strawberry gin..

Come on punters, throw in your cash, mobile phone bills don't pay themselves...

Modern architecture Seville style

Surely one of the narrowest shops we've seen

As the sun sets we drag our blistered feet back to base having done 17km in the wrong shoes!

Next morning I help Jacques from next door get his brand new mini moto going. Having only bought it a few weeks earlier today is his first day and I get to put the first km on the clock. This meant lots of bump starting around the car park but we got a result and I had enormous fun….