Wednesday, 11 March 2015


We spend the next night up in Serpa on the municipal campsite. No frills here but there are super showers and some WiFi at reception for €8.00. A nice walk in to the town revealed quite a lovely place to be at sunset

Still a little chilly at night but a nice cool beer in the town square on our own rounded off the day

A short time later en route back to the van we were rewarded with yet another stunning sunset

Next day and we are back to wild camping having reached the barragems south of Monsaraz

No fancy filters here, just point and capture nature at work….

That sign again atop the huge Alqueva Dam

Some aqua slide I bet when the sluice gates open

'Immense' kinda covers it...

Next day the dusty bikes get an outing

Spring is definitely here and the land is beginning to smell and look gorgeous 

Next up is our favourite haunt of Monsaraz and we get here early to secure a great spot for the next few days

Chill mode..

The weather has turned and its a stunning place to be right now

How can you possibly refuse this mutt a tasty treat?

Just when you thought it would all be the same as last year, a new shop opens
We HAD to go in...

Yes that restaurant again..

Grinning tourists...

Rather obviously we both had the same meal again and were not disappointed
Portuguese braised steak, garlic fruity rice and a baked potato in cream cheese
Go on, enjoy your Pizza tonight...

All food and no exercise makes Jack a fat boy…so next day we set off walking down to the nearest barragem and discover an ideal spot to park the van in a few weeks

Half way 'home' and the view of Monsaraz

Later that afternoon Nina shouts "there's a drone"
Always a drama when I'm indisposed so eventually rush out expecting to see an American missile in flight. Its actually a film company's airborne camera shooting a soap scene we think

On location, in Monsaraz, about 30m below us. 
Today's excitement…
We spend the next few days drifting down to the Algarve as we'd had a call a few days earlier from friends Margo & Clara (from Canada) to say they were here on vacation again and so lets get together

They pick us up and we go for dinner in a little village near their apartment in Guia. After a very pleasant afternoon together 'sorting out world affairs' we are all exhausted, especially Clara bless her, Margo's Mum, and we say our farewells for another year
Happy holidays Guys…..
We had a great day