Saturday, 19 April 2014

Poppies, Goats & Wild Flowers

Time now to move on to a remote location in the hills above the Algarve
A few kms out of São Bartolomeu de Messines lies a project created by Andre and his wife that has changed their lives
Very recently they chucked in their well paid jobs in Holland and came out here to buy a plot of land and run Camperstop Messines
With walking, cycling and an appreciation of nature at the heart of their leisure ethos they aim to attract vanners wanting to get away from the attractions of the Algarve and seek out peace and tranquility 

The view from the van door

Pay homage to the humble orange. Out here they are ripe, not covered in wax, cheap and so moreish you could eat the lot in one go!

This shot we both love

You hear them coming from afar with their bells a tinkling

Mobile eating machines that shake the trees and strip the leaves

These guys are the herder's 'goat'dogs

Once a day they are led through the groves to devour the vegetation and they are just so cute

Next day we are out hiking, me with the sticks to help things along and Nina with the backpack

Within the first km I am in need of a rest from all the bending over to take the photos of wild flowers that saturate the landscape here

Now I know where lost Soles go….

All wild, all natural

The orange blossom is so fragrant and sweeps the valleys

Silica Flowers….

On the way to our superb Prato do dia at the local restaurant the girl finds difficulty in crossing a stream
A full 5 mins later we are again on our way…….girls!

A fitting end to a superb day….