Thursday, 10 April 2014

Back to Odeceixe & Monchique

We enjoyed Odeceixe and Monchique so much last week we decided to go back as the promise of good weather was there and they are beautiful
We took the opportunity to service the van (fluids) at the campsite near Sagres for a mere €3.50 and exited the site to find we had a warning come up on the dash. Only amber but also the words 'check engine'. The cynical of you out there would say yes its still there so just move on but when we move off in to 3rd gear it all goes 'slowmo' as the engine is now in safe mode, something I had experienced before in the Volvo days
Lots of handbook reading later we are left with the option of either rerouting directly to the nearest Fiat garage at Portimão or carrying on via Odeceixe and Monchique. We chose the latter as the book states you can drive moderately at reduced engine output and contact Fiat asap.
Much Googling later at Silves reveals that driving round in 'safe mode' is not good for the engine so I really hope at this stage that I chose well and it won't come back to haunt me!

After earlier gloom and crawling along to the cliff top parking area west of Odeceixe we are treated to a Shirley Valentine moment or two down on our own personal beach 

Next day we are off along the coast road biking and have lunch in the nearby village. Squid for me and garlic pork for Pendleton

Another excellent spot for wild camping at a future time

Action girl surveys the scene

At Nina's request I go all botanical again with plants which I cannot name

By accident of course but for clarity these are the pavements here, no place for a girl and her heels..