Thursday, 24 April 2014

Restaurante Solar Do Farelo

Next day and there is not good news at the garage as they fit the part and we drive all of 300m down the road to get the warning light on again and no power
More testing and later we agree at the mechanics request to return yet again next day to rule out all the minor possible faults that lead to the turbo before moving on to more serious causes
We start to become gloomy...

Mick & Sharon are on hand and waiting in the evening at Solar Do Farelo in the hills above Portimão to introduce us to Fernando and his lovely restaurant

Double act…..lend us your turbo Mick!

One of two barrels of wine, one red one white, where you fill your table jugs to your hearts content during your meal

The front half of the restaurant is given over to vintage port and wine sales and has a tremendous atmosphere

As old as me...

Fernando is so proud of his cuisine he describes every item on the menu to you

Happy days hey girls...

As ever night shots indoors let me down so you'll have to imagine the fig liquer being flambéd

The port from the bottle below decanted for us was 39 years old

Another late night finish over herbal teas in our van and Mick and Sharon, looking annoyingly fresh next morning, wave us off to the garage and wish us well…

Two more hours of diagnostics and calls to fiat experts reveal the van needs a new Turbo
Just what we did not want to hear!
We are now talking a minimum 3 days off the road with the full engine and gearbox OUT the van
To say this was a 'hard to bear' day is putting it mildly

Our easiest and quickest option is to have the work done at Faro Fiat dealership as they are better equipped for full engine removals
Several UK bound calls later and we are thankfully still under warranty and we'll get a hire car for the duration. Hotel is booked too in Loulé so now we prepare again for next monday
Hey Ho!