Thursday, 24 April 2014

Mick & Sharon

We move back to Silves and hole up for the weekend in preparation for the garage visit the following tuesday. 
We spend a very enjoyable evening with Bill & Gill around the van table eating Nina's chicken offering and putting the world to rights yet again
A return visit to Café Inglês with them the next day to resume our new found passion of lunchtime music and food goes down a real treat

The band..

The Numpties..

The Art…

The Finale..

There's no rest to our busy socialising as Mick & Sharon arrive for a couple of days and we get together to catch up and laugh stupidly
As Bill & Gill depart, and I suspect for some peace and rest, we slip again in to beer and pizza mode next lunchtime in a cafe in Silves.
It sort of goes downhill from there really as none of us are at home to Mr Self Discipline and 'me size' alcohol portions…but what fun!

Autotrail brolly snobs

This is what you don't see….

Halfway through lunch its brolly time and we are the only ones daring to sit outside anymore

What is Mick actually doing here?

Another bar another series of beers...

The detox clinic would view this very dimly

Not quite 'the station cat' but a very cute puppy on guard duty