Thursday, 6 June 2013

Wewelsburg Castle

We visited here with trepidation knowing that although the castle was a must see, we were acutely aware it was once a former SS Instructional facility, or so we thought
I must say the museum and meticulous attention to detail was a little overwhelming at first but as with all German exhibitions relating to this awful time you are left feeling better for your visit
The SS HQ building was free of charge to visit as it is regarded as an educational facility and is replicated throughout Germany

In 1934 Heinrich Himmler turned this magnificent triangulated castle in to a SS Cult Centre for the 'enlightenment and education' of SS officers

These dungeons were actually used initially for correction purposes relating to witchcraft way back when but used during WW2 for other purposes as you can imagine

There is much to see here and the history of the village and its inhabitants are well documented

On a lighter note I'm sure I've seen this place in numerous war films, quite eerie really

There were two concentration camps locally during the war and their inmates were used heavily to restore parts of the castle on Himler's wishes.
This place never really fulfilled the expectations of its early occupation by the SS and for some reason its intended use never materialised

If you are passing go here, its well worth it..

Now then...
If money was no object we'd have one of these converted for touring
Dream on....