Saturday, 29 June 2013


There comes a time when I have to sort out the numerous photos we pick up along the way and log them in one category 
This one is simple...Beer
We can't deny we love the stuff here, its abundant, reasonably priced, very tasty, and downright compulsory at some of the tables we've sat at
Each main town usually has a Getranktmark next to the bigger supermarket where you can bring back your empties and hey presto... fill the van with fresh supplies..
The beers vary from pale to chocolate brown, Weissbeer (my favourite which is unfiltered) to Dunkel (brown) and Pilsener to Schwarzbeer, also now a firm favourite

I know this looks bad but here are a few of the "samples" set up high on our bucket list so far...

Yes we are exercising more and yes we know its a struggle to keep this up but somebody has to do it!
Beer blog 2 to follow.....