Thursday, 6 June 2013

Germany (Westfalia)

It seems as soon as we entered Holland we were across it and in to Germany
A little research on Tintaweb revealed a detailed map of german breweries to be explored, exploited, abused and enjoyed. I really hope this map will not become our new travelling companion as I'd rather hoped we would strike a balance between good living and the outdoor exercise thing....
Clever...dumb balance really
So after a shortish drive we found our first new venture all in the name of research and international relations at Klutes Brauerie near Havixbeck

The deal here was Trink, Trink und denn Schlaf gut im der Wohnmobile am Parkplatz next door!
The steak was as predicted, big, tender and gone in just a few minutes!

Payback next day was cycle, cycle

Windmills are not just for the Dutch

Rietburg moving slowly eastwards was a lovely town criss crossed by cycle paths and spotless streets