Friday, 28 June 2013

Autostadt (Wolfsburg)

After Schloss Marienburg we found a real treat in a quiet Stellplatz next to Salzhemmendorf Therme Bad
Germany is full of these places where you can spend the day being pampered or simply lounging around in pools of various salt concentrations both inside and out.

Temps range from 26-34 Degs with salt levels at a max of 10 per cent
We had lunch and dinner there too with a few beers bought by new deutche friends made that day too!

Bit girly really but our skin is still really soft and shiny a week on!
Nina is hooked now and we will certainly visit more on our travels here in Germany

On to Wolfsburg and Autostadt, a man's heaven!
Not content with building a huge VW production plant the Germans built a small town next door....
These 'twin towers' contain the handover cars going out each day from the plant
Daily handovers total approx 400-500

Its compulsory!

This was the reception building, hopelessly over engineered as usual with a river cruise outside front and centre should you find time after your visit

We spent a full day here but anoraks would need two at very least....

Ahh, the Porsche pavilion 
Huge and all steel...

There were three to paw over but I monopolised this one..

Relax its only a model

This was locked...

Skoda had a pavilion too
Few visitors though 

A sensory tunnel apparently which rotated as you walked through

Wing mirror wall, presumably for paranoids

Build on the power plant land but leave the plant as a backdrop

Kids heaven too..

The Zeitung building was awash with a history of cars
Nina was really good about this as there was little moaning, presumably to even the score when she tours Meadowhall

A proper use of ceiling mirrors...

How Clarkson could get in to one of these beats me
This is the 1004bhp version....
Was 1.4 million euros a few years ago