Wednesday, 12 March 2014


On leaving the site which took ages saying our goodbyes we moved south to Elvas and located ourselves with just a few others in an enormous car park next to the monumental viaduct

The 'only van in the village'

This hilltop fortified town is again steeped in history due mainly to its border location and the castle visit revealed a very chequered past with numerous build-ons

Nina's vertigo kicked in nicely here and I expected her landing on top of me at some stage

The castle sports a small cafe, just dandy!

€3.00 total, tasty and hot, come on France!

Elvas is a really nice town with a friendly feel and lots of quaint shops. Nina's particular favourite was the linen shop from which we bought tea towels and table cloths at silly prices, thanks for these goodies Nina…..

Rather natty market square art

Don't agree with this but cute anyway

Scene of our lunch, 2/3 courses, lots of wine and coffee, €15.00 all in….

We returned to a rather hot van as we had forgotten to deploy the blinds again and sauntered off to Terrugem to stay the night in a very quiet Aire……hopefully